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Slam Jammers I

This free junior development/red level USA Team Tennis program is a continuation of NJTL for children in the 4th through 7th grade.  It consists of 11-week instruction and competition sessions in the fall and spring and has over 500 participants.  Participants receive racquets, water jugs and other tennis equipment.

Slam Jammers II & III

This low-cost junior development program is for students in the 8th through 12th grade.  The 60+ participants attend 3 sessions per week for 10-12 weeks in the fall and spring.  The program's goal is to give students the tennis skills necessary to play on their high school teams.  In addition to the professional instruction and competition students also receive and educational component with an emphasis on leadership development and goal setting.  Students are required to keep a journal, maintain a grade level of "C" or above in school and participate in a mentoring group.  Students receive racquets, bags, clothing and a three-year USTA membership.

Slam Jammers III participants must be 12 years of age or older.  Participants must also be Championship or Super Championship qualified in the Texas Section or have a referral from a pro to enter the program.


 7th Annual Slam Jammers Awards Banquet

The Slam Jammers awards banquet was held June 9th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Duncanville.  Hundreds of program kids and their families attended this annual event.  The DTA's Vice President of Junior Recreation, Laura Worsham, served as the emcee for the banquet.  The program's 7 graduating seniors were honored and many awards were given.  Here is a list of the honorees:

Seniors (where they will be attending):
Weston Hill (Dallas Baptist University)
Nathaly Miranda (Southeastern Oklahoma University)
Nathan Radke (University of Texas Dallas)
Donielle Richards (Prairieview A&M University)
Savion Sparks (Navarro College)
Cody Stewart (Austin College)
Cameron Vose (Collin College)


Slam Jammers I Players of the Year:
Sophia Fowler
Ghali Tarfaoui
Shana Cortina
Joshua Duran
Egide Ndayisenga
Kundane Arge
Genevie Zarwie
Brandon Carrillo
London Hill
Javion Green
Mackenzie Amaya
Jonathon Andrade
Cassidy Wedderburn
Krystan Bright
Gabiela Hernandez
Mayra Hernandez
Quincy Jackson
Robin Willis
Oscar Weng
Ammerah Evans
Malik Brown
Felecity Polk
Kenneth Perkins III
Jordan Wesley

Slam Jammers 10 & under Players of the Year:
Abigail Sassher
Caleb Amos

Slam Jammers II Players of the Year:
Ashley Campbell
David Johnson

Slam Jammers III Players of the Year:
Donielle Richard
Christopher Armstead

Slam Jammers II Excellence Award:
David Padron-Castillo

Several adults who serve as teaching professionals and volunteers also received awards:
2013 Jane Morrill Award - Carol Johnson
2013 Laura Worsham Award - Jane Harris
2013 Lee Hamilton Award - James Disco
2013 Newcomer of the Year - James Easley
2013 Volunteer of the Year - Kara Kuhn

Congratulations to all of this year's honorees!