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2014 USTA Dallas Local League Rules (aka CAPTAIN’S HANDBOOK)




1A.      General and local league registration information is forwarded via email to captains as well as posted on the Dallas Tennis Association’s (DTA) website at

1B.      To request a USTA Team Number for a local league, email the Local League Coordinator at with (1) League Name, (2) Facility Name, (3) Level of play, (4) Captain’s Name and (5) Captain’s USTA Number.  Team numbers will be emailed to the requesting captain by the local league coordinator. Once a captains receives a team number, you may use the USTA TENNIS LINK registration system to add players at

1C.      Captains are required to obtain a new team number at the start of every local  league season.


2A.      All players must be current USTA members throughout the league season in order to be eligible to play any USTA match.  It is each player’s responsibility to join or renew his/her membership.

2B.      For league play, player must be 18 years of age for 18 & Over AGE GROUP, 40 years of age for 40 & Over AGE GROUP,   55 years of age for 55 & Over AGE GROP, 65 years of age for 65 & Over AGE GROUP within the calendar year.

2C.      All players must play two (2) matches during the local league season in all leagues             other than 55 & Over MIXED, Combo Doubles and Tri Level which require only one (1) match to be eligible to participate in championship competition (Local League Championship, Sectionals, etc.).

  1. ROSTER:

3A.      A minimum roster as indicated on league information forwarded by the DTA MUST be registered on TENNIS LINK by the posted registration deadline in order to qualify a team and be included on the local league schedule. 

3B.      Team registration will be online through TENNIS LINK at  using team number provided to captain by local league coordinator. Teams may add players any time prior to the date on the schedule of their second to last regular season match.

3C.      Once league flights or schedules are published on TENNIS LINK, team rosters are considered set and only new players may be added.  No player movement between teams/levels/flights will be allowed.

3D.     The DTA does not offer refunds unless the level entered does not make.


4A.      A player may play on one team in a NTRP level within a division* in the same local league during the same season.  When the NTRP levels are divided into flights, players may not play in more than one flight at the same NTRP level in the same local league.

4B.      A player may play on more than one team within a division* in the same season provided it is in different NTRP levels.

4C.      A player may play on more than one team within a division* at the same NTRP level provided it is in separate local leagues.

4D.     It is the responsibility of the captain to know if they have any players that qualify for championship play on more than one team within the same division*.  A player who will be attending sectionals with a team from another local league is not eligible to participate in USTA Dallas playoffs in the same division.  Players who qualify to advance to championship play on more than one team within the same division* must choose which team they will represent at the championship level.  A player may play on one (1) team only at the championship level per division*.  Once a player has started the championship progression in USTA Dallas playoffs that player is expected to represent that same team as long as it is in the running for the national title and he/she is not eligible to participate on another team within the same division*.  If a player’s primary team is eliminated, he/she may join a secondary team at the next championship level (our QT is a level, City Championships is a level, sectionals is a level, and nationals is a level). 

4E.      In  the event that a Wild Card is extended post Dallas championship play, it is the responsibility of the captain to verify player’s primary team declaration as said players may have declared an alternate primary team post  championship play if the pending Wild Card team had been eliminated. 

4F.      NEW!!!! PLAYER PRIMARY TEAM DECLARATION FORM.  If a player plays on multiple teams in the same Dallas league (adult or MIXED), THE PLAYER (not a captain) must declare ONE (1) Primary Team for the local league championship play offs and Sectionals in writing before the season starts.  Go to the Primary Team Declaration online form, before the local league season begins, on the DTA website at and fill out the Primary Team Declaration Form.  Players on multiple teams must commit to Championships with only one (1) team.  If the Primary Team does not advance to local play offs/Sectionals, player becomes eligible to play on a different team.  A player MUST declare your primary team BEFORE the season starts, or your Primary Team will default to your first match played.  Should a player play a match for their non-primary team during Championship advancement while their primary team is still in contention, lines played  by said player will be considered a default and entered as 6-0, 6-0 to opponent. *


            (*) For players who join a secondary team mid-season, they have 7 days from registration date on TENNIS LINK to complete and submit the required PRIMARY TEAM DECLARATION FORM if the new team is to be considered their Primary Team for CHAMPIONSHIP ADVANCEMENT.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


  1. NTRP:

5A.      A USTA rating is required for league play in all levels.  An unrated player is required to Self-Rate before team registration.  Go to (About NTRP Rating link) for more information.  The local league has no control/influence over a player’s NTRP rating.

5B.      For straight NTRP level leagues (such as 4.0), players cannot have a rating higher than the NTRP level in which the player is competing.  A player may only play one (1) NTRP level (.5) above the player’s current NTRP level in the 18 & over AGE GROUP and 40 & over AGE GROUP Divisions.

5C.      For MIXED, 55 & over AGE GROUP and 65 & over AGE GROUP (using combined NTRP levels, such as 7.0, 8.0, etc…), the combined NTRP level of the doubles team cannot exceed the combined NTRP ratings level entered.  The NTRP difference between members of an individual doubles team may not exceed 1.0.

5D.     Computer Rated Players & Self-Rating:

Returning USTA League tennis players begin with their most current NTRP computer rating.  If more than three years (two years for players 65 and over) have elapsed since their last computer rating or a player has never had a computer rating, that individual may self-rate to enter the program.  The NTRP characteristics have not changed.  A player without a current computer generated rating will self-rate at the same time that he/she registers for a team on TENNIS LINK.  Players begin to generate a dynamic NTRP rating after their first match with a NTRP computer rated player.

5E.      Dynamic NTRP Ratings:

 All match results and the use of national benchmark NTRP ratings will be used to produce year-end NTRP ratings published each December.   Early season ratings for Leagues starting after Adult League Sectionals but before January of the following year will be published each July. To view the ratings go to

5F.      NTRP Disqualification Procedures:

Dynamic ratings will be calculated for all players during local league competition, and at every level of championship competition below National Championships, to determine if any players have reached the NTRP disqualification criteria stated in the USTA NTRP Computer Rating System Procedures.  Year-end computer (C) and benchmark (B) players are not subject to dynamic NTRP disqualification.  All other players (S, A, M, T, D) will be NTRP disqualified if they reach the disqualification level three (3) times based on all matches reported in the National database for USTA League Tennis Adult and Senior divisions.

            5G.     In an effort to maintain the integrity of the league, the local league requires that 50% of a team’s rosters must be rated at the level of play entered.  Exception would be the winner of the previous local league who wishes to remain together as a team and play at the next higher level of play.  In this case, 75% of the original team must remain together.  The VP of Leagues along with the respective league coordinator(s) have the authority to determine the proper level a team should play when less than 50% of the players are at level.  EXCEPTION, if an adult league consists of only two (2) teams in a level of play (2.5, 3.0, 4.5 and 5.0), each team must maintain its roster with at least 40% of its players at the designated NTRP level of play.  FYI, adult league at 3.5 and 4.0 must have a three (3) team league to qualify for advancement.


6A.      The home team captain should notify the visiting team five (5) days in advance of the match time and accurate, up-to-date directions to the site.

6B.      There will be a round robin format with the number of matches determined by the total number of teams registered on TENNIS LINK within each NTRP flight/division by the scheduled league team roster deadline set by the local league coordinator.

6C.      NEW!!! Once the team roster deadline has passed, teams are committed to participate in local league play.  Any team that fails to field the required lines of play will be subject to the Team Default rule as listed herein, #10A.


7A.      All local league matches and local league championship matches will be played using the best of two sets criteria, conventional scoring, with a Coman set tiebreak (the first to 7 by 2) at 6 games all and a Coman match tiebreak (the first to 10 by 2) in the event of split sets.  In the Coman tiebreak players change ends of the court after the 1st point, the 5th point, the 9th point, the 13th point,  etc.

7B.      The Home team will be responsible for providing the appropriate number of courts

(2 hour minimum) and cans of new USTA approved yellow tennis balls.

Indoor or clay court play is optional provided the visiting team is agreeable.

7C.      Players are responsible for their own water during play.

7D.     Individual League Formats are as follows:

            Women’s 18 & Over (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5)                     3 doubles – 2 singles

            Men 18 & Over (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5)                               3 doubles – 2 singles

            Women, Men 18 & Over (2.5, 5.0+, Open)                           2 doubles – 1 singles

            40 & Over (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+)                                     3 doubles – 2 singles

            55 & Over (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0)                                         3 doubles

            65 & Over (7.0, 8.0, 9.0)                                                 3 doubles

            All MIXED (*)                                                                       3 doubles

(*) 18 & Over (2.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0),  40 & Over (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0), 55 & Over (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0)

7E.      Rosters must be exchanged at the designated match time and all players should

be on their assigned court ready to play.  It is the responsibility of the captain to verify players at the time the lineup is exchanged.  Ineligible players must be identified prior to the start of the match.  Ineligible players will be recorded as a default (6-0, 6-0) in TENNISLINK.

7F.      NEW!!! Captains should use scorecards on TENNIS LINK to avoid playing ineligible players. Go to Click on “Record a Score” located under My Quick Links on the right.  Enter your match number.  Scroll to the bottom and click on “Print Blank Scorecard”. Captains are responsible for verifying player eligibility prior to match play. 

Scorecards printed off Tennis Link for matches will include both teams’ most up-to-date rosters. 

7G.     Points played in good faith stand.  If a disagreement arises on court it should be resolved before play resumes.  Detailed information may be found in Friend at Court “The Code" available on the USTA website.  Match results will stand as played, NO EXCEPTIONS.

7H.     Match play must begin no later than 15 minutes after the designated start time according to the 15 minute default rule. No line shall begin play before the 15 minute default time has passed unless all players from the higher singles/doubles positions are present.  Defaults must be from the bottom up.  (ie: Line 2 singles or Line 3 doubles if players are not available at the start of the match.) Teams are to be moved up as a whole.  No player may be replaced or switched except under the following conditions:

a.   An injury occurs during warm-up or a player fails to show up and an eligible replacement can be made within the default time.

  1. In the event that players from different lines are unavailable for play, the available player from the lower line may take the place of the unavailable player from the higher line to form a new team at the higher position.

7I.       Cell Phones & Other Electronic Devices

All communication devices are to be turned off during play.  Should a player’s communication devise go off during play their opponent may call a let on the first offense and warn the offender that any subsequent offense will result in the loss of that point.

7J.       Coaching is NOT allowed during USTA League or Championship play.

7K.      Play should be continuous.  Between points, a maximum 20 seconds is allowed.  When players change ends at the end of a game, a maximum 90 seconds is allowed.  At set break, 120 second (2 minutes) is allowed.

  1. MAKE UP MATCHES (Due to Rain/Championship Advancement/Extreme Weather):

8A.      Rainout / Championship Advancement/Extreme Weather Make-ups:

All make-up matches for rain or championship advancement should be played within 14 days of the rainout/originally scheduled match.  If a make-up match has not been entered in TENNIS LINK within 14 days of the original match date, it should be considered as scheduled by the DTA League Coordinator on the 14th day at:

* 1:00pm for Women’s Weekday Leagues

* 5:00pm for Men’s and Women’s Saturday Leagues

* 9:00am for Men’s Sunday League

* 4:00pm for Women’s Sunday League

* 3:00pm for 18 & over MIXED

* 6:00pm for 40 & over MIXED and 55 & over AGE GROUP

No match is to be rescheduled without the consent of the coordinator unless it is a rainout/championship play.  Do not cancel for rain until the day of the match.  Only lines that have started (first service attempt) stand for a rain make-up.  A team is not held to any defaulted line(s) given.

8B.    Players that do not complete their match within the original 2-hour time limit and are bumped from their court must remain available to resume the match for a period of 1 hour if the home team can make arrangements to resume the match within 1 hour.  If a court cannot be secured within an hour, the players/captains will have 48 hours to schedule the completion of the match (within 14 days) and provide the details to the league coordinator.

8C.      Rain Delay:

If both captains have not agreed to declare a rainout, both teams (all players to play that day’s match) must be available at the site for one hour beyond the scheduled match time.

8D.     NEW!!! Extreme Weather Conditions. The HOME Captain determines the conditions at the match site and is responsible for notifying the VISITING Captain at least one (1) hour prior to match start time.   Both captains should verify through  The following weather conditions may subject a match to be rescheduled:

  1. If the actual temperature is 40 degrees or below OR the wind chill factor is 32 degrees or below.
  2. The actual temperature is 105 degrees or higher.
  3. If sustained winds are 30 mph or higher.

If any of the extreme weather conditions exist, either captain may reschedule the match.

8E.      Split-Time Match Play:

If individual match times must be scheduled separately due to court conflict, it is the home team’s responsibility to notify and coordinate with the visiting captain.

8F.      NEW!!! Automatic Reschedule Match Status. Any regularly scheduled league match(es) involving a team in which 50%  or more of male or female roster players are scheduled to play in a USTA Dallas Local Play Off, Sectionals and/or Nationals event representing Dallas shall be granted AUTOMATIC RESCHEDULE status by the local league coordinator and the opposing team.  It is the responsibility of the advancing team to notify their opponent NO LATER than 48 hours prior to the scheduled match date. Captains may reschedule the entire match or line by line.  The affected match shall be rescheduled following the 14 days make-up rule noted in 8A.

8G.     The League Coordinator may reschedule a match at his/her discretion.


9A.      Within 12 hours of a completed match BOTH CAPTAINS are responsible for entering scores using TENNIS LINK.  The first captain (or designated team member) to log on will enter the scores and the second captain (or designated team member) to log on will confirm or dispute the already reported results.  In the event of a disputed score, contact the DTA office with the details at

9B.      Scoring for all DTA/USTA matches will be as follows:

One point for each TEAM MATCH (consists of all individual matches) won.

9C.      In the event of a tie, the following NATIONAL/ SECTIONAL guidelines prevail:

3C(1) Individual Matches.  Winner of the most individual matches the entire competition.

9C(2)   Head-to- head.  Winner of head-to-head match.

9C(3)   Sets.  Loser of the fewest number of sets

9C(4)   Games.  Loser of the fewest number of games.

9C(5)   A method to be determined by the League Coordinator

9D.     NEW!!!!  A team that is awarded a defaulted line during local league season play may have up to 14 days from the original match date to request a player name change for the defaulted line on TENNIS LINK. Player name changes must be requested through the local league coordinator via email at leagues@dta.orgThis DOES NOT apply to Post Season play.

  1. FORFEITS/Team Defaults

10A.   Forfeits start from the lowest singles or doubles lines.  A team must play the majority   of lines each team match or that match shall be considered a “team default”.  If a “team default” occurs for any reason during round robin play, the defaulting team will 1) default all remaining matches in the round robin, 2) not be eligible for the same Local League Championship for that season, and 3) all team members of the defaulting team must split up in the following season with no more than 4 members of the defaulting team on any one team in the following season.  At the conclusion of the season, if all teams in contention for championship play have already played the defaulting team in good faith, the matches stand as played; otherwise all matches of the defaulting team shall be null and void.


11A    Complaints and Grievances must be presented in writing to the DTA/Grievance Committee within five (5) days of the occurrence by (a) the team captain or acting captain that was present at the match, (b) a league coordinator or (c) a member of the league committee.

11B.   The player and his/her captain will receive a copy of a properly filed complaint which will be held on file in the DTA office for a period of one year.

11C.   The Local Grievance Committee will officiate any grievance against an individual or team.  The parties involved will be given the opportunity to present their side of the event for which the grievance was filed.  ALL GRIEVANCES REQUIRE A $50.00 FEE TO FILE WHICH WILL BE RETURNED IF THE GRIEVANCE IS UPHELD!

11D.   NEW!!! If the matter is an NTRP protest, a written protest must be submitted by a team captain directly to Todd Reed, Ratings Coordinator USTA TEXAS at


*A division is any one of the National league programs offered and administered by the USTA (USTA League Tennis – Adult 18 & Over, USTA League Tennis – Adult 40 & Over, USTA League Tennis – Adult 55 & Over, USTA League Tennis – 18 & Over MIXED, USTA League Tennis – 40 & Over MIXED and USTA League Tennis – 55 & Over MIXED)