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2007 Nominees

The 2007-8 nominees for the Dallas Tennis Association Board of Directors are:  Spence Kendrick (President), Kenni Driver (Executive Vice President), Marsha Thomas (Secretary), Anne LaCroix (Treasurer), Brian Modic (Vice President - Leagues), Ron Morrill (Vice President - Tournaments), Laura Distefano (Vice President - Advocacy), Jane Morrill (Vice President - Junior Recreation) and Phillippa Nierling (Vice President - Fundraising).

The nominating committee accepted nominations through August 15, 2007.  The committee members were:  Gwen Echols, Lenora Graham, Kathy Langer (co-chair), Jane Morrill (co-chair) and Jerry Thomas.

Officers will be elected at the DTA's Annual Meeting September 19, 2007.