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Slam Jammers Application

14 January 2003


On behalf of the Dallas Tennis Association (DTA) your child’s school has been chosen to participate in a tennis Junior Development Program.  The program is called SLAM JAMMERS I and II.

Through generous funding, we are able to offer FREE tennis lessons by certified Tennis Pros to a limited number of students.

The Slam Jammers Spring Program will be starting Saturday March 1, 2003 and run through Saturday May 17th (12 weeks) at seven (7) selected sites.  All lessons and training will be professionally supervised by an assigned certified pro.  The hours will be two sessions on Saturday from 1-2:30 and 2:30-4:00 for Slam Jammer I kids (only one session for each kid each week) and Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8:00 PM and Saturday 10:00am-12: 00 for Slam Jammers II kids.  The session your child will be placed in will be determined during a one day placement camp.  There is also a Multi-Cultural Sunday program being offered at select locations.

As you may know nothing is really FREE! Therefore, we ask in return that you, the parents, commit to making sure the student attends the program for the entire 12 weeks (we understand emergency situations).  The DTA will also provide each student with a tennis racquet, tennis bag, and water jug upon meeting the program requirements.

WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING A MAXIMUM OF 40 STUDENTS.  Your placement in the Slam Jammers I and II program will be based on the information provided below and space availability.  The student applying MUST complete the essay portion of the form.

ABSOLUTELY no application will be accepted after 5:00pm, January 24, 2003.  Applications may be mailed or faxed using information provided below.

If you have any questions please give Dorothy Shaw a call at (972)-387-1538 ext. 3.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _RETURN THE ATTACHED FORM_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name:________________________________         School/Grade:_____________________________

Address:______________________________         BirthDate:___________________________

City and Zip Code:________________________      Telephone:___________________________

Household Income/Yr._________________

Essay (Write a brief essay on why you would like to participate in the Slam Jammers Tennis Program)







I will fully participate in the Slam Jammers  program (12 Weeks)

Student’s Signature

My child will be able to participate the 12 weeks in the program

Parent/Guardian Signature